kristofer rye
Pilot Programmer Cellist

About Me

Hi! I'm a fourth-year Computer Science and Mathematics major at St. Olaf College.

I like to code, play music, and fly airplanes.

I currently work in InfoSec, but have lots of experience with backend and frontend development in a variety of languages and environments.

I am especially interested in API design, control theory and automation, and DevOps.

Interested in learning more? I'd love to get in touch. Check out my résumé or shoot me an email!

Blog Posts

This site is Jekyll-y, so it has a blog. Here are some of the things I've written recently!


My favorite languages/frameworks to work in are Ruby (standalone and on Rails), Rust, C/C++, Node.js, and of course HTML5, CSS3, and JS/JSX.

I am also familiar with Docker, Kubernetes, React, React-Native, Go, Java, Python, Ansible, Chef, Linux, etc.

I'm working on a bunch of projects. Here are some of them:

All About Olaf

A (unofficial) mobile app for St. Olaf students.

Written in React Native, this app is used by over 600 daily active users, and provides valuable information to students. I work on some of the data fetching and business-logic bits as well as release and dependency management.

I also worked on separating the data fetching out into a separate service, deployed via Docker on DigitalOcean and capable of handling over 2000 requests per second.


A network address parsing and arithmetic library.

One of my first production-class Rust libraries, this project explores writing idiomatic and powerful Rust that can represent networks. This project allows users to parse CIDR notation, merge and iterate through networks, and rapidly check containment.